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about me

My name is Gabriel Niemeyer, I am a 3D Artist with a postgraduate degree in architectural visualization, author of the book 'O Guia de Archviz,' Co-Founder of Belveder Studio, and bachelor in Architecture. My journey in the world of architectural visualization began in the classrooms of the architecture college, where I first encountered 3D as a tool for project presentation. Since then, I have dedicated myself to refining my skills in software considered industry standards.

Throughout my career, I have realized that the key to success in this field is to keep an open mind to new ideas and techniques, have a critical eye on one's own work, and have a commitment to ongoing learning and evolution.

Starting my own studio has opened up ways to deeply understand client expectations and preferences regarding my projects. This direct interaction, along with the challenges faced in developing each project, has refined my 3D skills, allowing me to deliver work that meets and often exceeds client expectations.

In my daily work routine, I use 3ds Max for modeling, Corona or V-Ray for rendering, and Photoshop for post-production. Design is not just my profession but also my favorite hobby, so I am constantly studying and improving in these software, always in search of elevating the quality of my work.

To me, the profession of a 3D Artist goes far beyond producing realistic images; it is the art of creating narratives, forging experiences that evoke emotions and ensuring that each project is a milestone of success and satisfaction for my clients.

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